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They Lied

They said that only success is right
That the chase for cash in the only race,
That counts.
They told you that education, a good job,
A pretty wife or a rich husband,
Is the real path to happiness.
You looked at those that had,
And envied the wonderful life,
But now you know they lied
And you will pay the price.

Just think of all those golden moments you misssed
Things like you child's first step,
The days when the sun shone and the flowers bloomed,
And you kept working 'til late in the night,
All those worries when the pay cheque
Didn't seem big enough to feed clothe and house
That stunning woman you call your wife.
All the precious moments wasted your parents were alive.
Now you really know that they lied
And now you've got to pay the price.

Posted: 2007-07-01 11:50:31