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Saturday's Dream

Every Saturday I go away
Into my mind and I dream
Of exotic lands, flash cars and dream houses,
Of what I will do if I win a big payout.
The National Lottery is here to stay,
It has to stay for people like me,
Who need a dream now and again
And now and again is Saturday.
Will I buy a car and a house,
Maybe a business or two,
Or maybe emigrate to a place in the sun,
Or maybe, maybe, to a place where dreams do come true?
Will I take a chance to do
What I've always wanted to,
To write, to sing, to dance?

Oh, roll the balls, let the numbers fall,
Glue to the TV set is Saturday night for me, and you,
Oh, no, not a bleeding number have I got
I'll have to dream again next Saturday.

Posted: 2007-07-01 12:13:10