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What Might Have Been

Across the room
Our eyes meet
We hold the look
And then turn away
Our thoughts mingle with the crowd
And both of us must know
That that moment could have
Been the start of something special.

I walked past that gorgeous woman
On my way to work today
I could see a small wonderful smile
Just about to appear
But we both walked past
And my thoughts were tingled
With a touch of sadness,
Together, we could be something special.

The lady at the shop counter
Just handed me my change,
Her touch was electrifying
I knew she is something special
That's why I used her till.
I look up and say 'thank you'
And we both look away.
We know we could have something special
But we let it fade away.

Sometimes you meet someone,
On this long road of life,
People at work and people at play,
Sometimes you talk a while
And then you say 'Bye'
And never meet again.
And I sometimes wonder
How many good friends I could have had
If I had taken another step.
Love and friendships that could have come my way.

Posted: 2007-07-01 12:56:32