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Last Farewell

So this is our last goodbye,
So this is the way it ends,
Despite your motives, to you, I never did lie,
But then isn't life full of bends?

Before you go to the other,
I have, but, one more thing to say
I love you much more than any other,
And I hope we'll love again, some other day.

May the Good Lord bless and keep you,
Through the darkest of your days,
Please call me if there is anything I can do,
To bring a happy light to those days.

So, go now, before I start to cry,
For my love is very much awake,
And my love will burn on to the day I die,
For the one, to whom, today, a last farewell, I make.

Posted: 2007-06-25 22:00:13