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Competing With Your Friends

Sandy wants you to go to movies,
With her on Friday night,
So you can't come to a party
That I got an invite to.
On Saturday you're going to see Anna,
And in the evening visit Randy,
So the plans I made of spending Saturday,
Alone with you, means I'll spend it all alone.
To church you'll go with Susan
And then to lunch with, on Sunday.
And since I wanted to take you to the movies,
I guess I'll have to rearrange the plan.
Maybe, Monday, if your friends aren't around,
I'm competing with your friends
Trying to get your attention,
But it seems you only have time,
To move around with them.
I think I'd better leave you to them
And start looking for another,
Who won't make me compete with her friends.

Posted: 2007-06-25 22:13:19