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A Very Special Song

For every single lady I have loved,
I've got a very special song,
Each one remains as a pleasant memory,
In the song I've dedicated to her.

For every dreamy place I have been,
I still sing a special song,
To remind me that some places, I'll never see again,
Except in my mind when I sing that song.

For every beautiful moment I have spent,
I live a special song,
To keep me knowing those moments happen again,
Whenever I hear the music of that song.

For anyone, very special to me,
I've made up a song,
For my father, my sister and a special one,
To sing when I think of my mother.

But now, I have a song I really want to sing,
And let everyone hear that special song,
Made up to remind me, like in my life,
You are the reason for that song.

Posted: 2007-07-01 12:57:33