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May This Christmas

May this Christmas be the one,
When people open their eyes.
Maybe,this Christmas will be special,
As true love pours from our hearts.

Will this Christmas be remembered in future,
The year, when compassion reigned?
The year the poor were overcome,
By the generosity, the gift of happiness,
Poured like wine and beer on Christmases before?

The year when the warlords,
Lay down their tools of destruction,
Held their enemies in great hugs,
And peace returned to the world?

The year when the European Community,
Destroyed no more food and sent it to Africa,
To feed the starving millions,
And gave them hope, on this special day?

Maybe, this will be the year,
When the people who have the power,
To change many things for the better,
Take into their hearts to do just that?

Maybe, this will be the Christmas,
When ordinary people like you and me,
Say we are going to make our lives worthy,
To provide a better future for the children of today?
Will this, then, be that Christmas,
That changes the world forever?

Posted: 2007-07-01 13:03:58