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Come, Lord, Come

We talk and nobody seems to listen,
There are millions out there,
But only a handful hear your message,
The rest just follow the money.
We sing with gusto and reverance,
Some of us even make the charts,
And the message is heard but not listened to,
And millions just keep on looking.
Money has become the driving force behind.
Religion and the such belong to the wimps,
The biggest man is the one with the most cars
Murder, theft, rape and all are driven by the cash,
How long before all this ends, Lord?
The pressure is now on your followers, too
Get into the bucks before its too late, they say
The pressure of the bills and greater status.
Don't let us hold on too long, Lord,
For we are losing daily, ones that could be yours,
Come, Lord, come, please wait no more
The time is ripe, come, Lord, come.

Posted: 2007-06-22 09:30:39