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Christmas On My Mind

I've got Christmas on my mind,
The advertisers are already on the ball,
Offering this nice thing and that.
But what am I to do?
I am a parent, a confused one too,
But I've lost my job this year,
No money to pay the bills,
No money for this special remembrance,
What am to say to the children?
It seems like only yesterday,
When the kids were all smiles
As Christmas morning came along
And there were presents under the tree.
Then, this year looked more promising,
Than the year that had just passed me by.
What do I say or do,
When your children show off their presents
They've got from Santa Claus,
And mine will have nothing to show?
Do I say that Father Christmas passed us by,
Because Daddy's been a naughty boy,
And lost nearly everything because
Big business are looking to increase profits,
But cutting people on their payroll?
God, how one can hate this time of year,
When you've got nothing to give,
And when you can't expect to receive.
I've got Christmas on my mind.

Posted: 2007-07-01 13:13:23