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What History?

What history are you saying
I should be proud of?
Which culture is the one worthy
For me to call my own?

Can I be proud of the fact,
That my fore-bearers were nothing
But greedy bastards,
They killed and maimed,
To create empires in far of lands?
That the sad trade of slavery
Was the origin of the money
I now cherish and enjoy?
Can I be proud of World War One,
Or World War Two,
Where they fought for freedom,
And yet denied the freedom of others?
Is this the history for which
I can be proud?

Can I be called a man
Who loves his history,
When mine was an orgy of killing,
The raiding and raping of other tribes.
Can I say with pride
This is where I came from,
Where witchcraft and fear and religion,
Decided the way that my fore-bearers lived
And who held the ultimate power?
Can I be proud of a culture,
Where the youth now denies it
And claims another as its very own?

No I don't deny they are mine,
My history, the root of my culture,
But I am not proud, in fact,
I want no part of it,
Let that history be damned.
I will take the best of each culture,
Make it part of my being,
To provide a much better history
For my children to call their own.

Posted: 2007-06-25 22:27:13