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Oh, Warrior

Oh warrior, oh warrior,
What went wrong?
Are you still too young,
Or have you lost your head,
Or has the love of the woman
Made you blind?
Oh warrior oh warrior,
You can't fight them on your terms,
In the old days, they had guns
And we had the spirits and spears.
Now they have all the money and power
And again we are the underdogs.
Warrior if you want to win,
If you want them to all know,
That your backbone is strong and straight,
Speak their language, learn their tricks,
Dress in a suit and speak with confidence,
They will never know who you really are.
And if you love the woman,
No matter her colour or creed,
Tell them nicely to 'go to hell',
For you are a man and a warrior,
A fighter and a person of substance,
They cannot stop your love,
And you will win, win, win.

Posted: 2007-07-01 13:06:05