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My Brother?

What do you mean, I'm your brother?
How dare you say that?
How can you be my brother,
When you enter my house,
And steal my goods to sell.
How can you be a loved one,
When you sell drugs to my children
On their way to school?
What sort of brother are you,
When you are jealous of me,
Because I have good clothes and a nice woman,
Now you've got to challenge me?

How can you call 'brother, brother',
And yet when you are stoned,
You insult my family and me?
How can a brother of mine,
Take me outside the club and shoot me,
When I've just stepped on his toes?
What sort of brother are you,
That kills another man,
For the sake of a little drug patch?
A brother is one, I believe,
Who won't hurt or beat you up
When you are vulnerable to the world outside.

A brother doesn't shout me down,
Because my views are not compatible,
With what he thinks I should have.
My brother would not deny,
Children a right for a loving home,
Simply because they'll live with people,
With a different colour of skin.
You my brother? I really don't know,
Some days you are American and proud,
And I am stupid, simple African.
What sort of brother can you be,
When you refuse to work or learn,
And add to the statistics of the bigots?

So whatever you are, one things for sure
You cannot be a brother of mine,
Simply because of the same colour of our skins.
With a brother like you, who needs enemies?

Posted: 2007-07-01 13:16:40