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Look Around You And See

Look around you and see,
Take those blinkers of your eyes,
And really see what's going on.
Can you see the hungry millions,
Dying like flies while you fill your face?
Look around you and see,
The millions that have no home,
Or no country in which to live in peace.
Can you see the utter destruction,
Of this beautiful world we live in,
The lying politicians, the dirty businessmen,
The kids hooked on drugs, the stealing, the killing?
Look around you and see,
The brother in deep debt,
The children with no shoes on their feet,
The old people, forgotten, dying of the cold?
Can you see the insecurity, the fear,
That achieves nothing for the man in the street?
It is time we looked around and saw,
And understood and made some changes.
Look around and see and talk and shout,
We see and we don't like,
Enough is enough
We want some changes!
Go on, look around and see.

Posted: 2007-07-01 12:12:12