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Above All, I Am Human

Above all things, I am a human being,
With feelings, fears, laughs and hopes.
I have a right to exist, to be here,
A right given to me by my birth.

Next, I am a man, a man, a human man,
With all the pressures that society demands.
I reserve my right to be as much a man as I want,
And within reason, will do what a man's gotta do.

Then I am a husband with a special wife,
That I love and care for with all my heart.
Whether you find her ugly or stupid or clever,
Doesn't matter a jot, I know she loves me back.

Following that, I am a father of two lives,
I want to do for them what a father should.
And should I fail or should I succeed,
They will always be my own special ones.

Then I am an Englishman,
Both proud and ashamed of my heritage.
I don't deny that many things could be better,
But then that is life in England today.

Only after all those things, am I black.
And when you pick on the colour of my skin,
Discriminate and generally put down,
You're only nit-picking, for me, there are more important things.

Posted: 2007-06-25 22:29:21