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Where Have The Years Gone?

Where have all those years gone?
Only a little while ago
I was a little boy laughing in the sun,
Running in the garden
And sitting on my mummy's knee,
Enjoying the comfort of her cuddle.
But now, my own children sit on mine
And I just wonder where the years have gone.

Only days ago, or so it seems,
Was my first day in school,
So willing to learn and to please.
Now I see the nervous smile of my child,
All smart in crisp in uniform
And I have to ask, where have all the days gone?

Only yesterday, I was the man about town,
All dressed up and ready to rock and roll,
To the pub and then to the scene,
Maybe a kebab house and then back home
As the sun and the kids came out to play.
Now I am the man about the house,
Mortgaged to the hilt with nowhere to go,
And I really would like to know,
Where have all my years gone?

Posted: 2007-07-01 13:14:23