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Makes It all Worthwhile.

Stumble out of bed,
Fumble for a switch,
In the middle of the night.
Cries all around from a hungry child,
A quick pick-up from the cot,
Still very dreary eyed,
Onto the breast,
And there's some quiet at last.
Then when she's fed and happy,
Her little eyes light up,
And her sweet little smile,
Makes all worthwhile.

Open up the nappy,
And gasp in surprise.
How can one so tiny,
Create such a pile?
The sweet smell of baby,
Replaced by a sickening stench,
But when he's clean again,
His sweet little smile,
Makes it all worthwhile.

Carry a bucket of water,
Find the soap and shampoo,
Have everything close by,
Baby is having a bath.
Check the water and put her in,
Let her splash and play a little,
Then give her a wash.
Its screams and shouts when its over,
And you take her out.
But once she's dressed and warm,
You find it's all been worthwhile.

Posted: 2007-07-01 13:10:09