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I Regret

I regret not flying a helicopter or travelling the world,
Climbing a high mountain or winning a race.
I regret not going to university or learning a trade,
Being a karate kid or swimming a mile.
I wish I had learnt about the planets and stars,
Written a poem or writing an award winning novel.
I regret not inheriting or earning a massive fortune,
Singing a chart busting pop song or being a good dancer.
I wish I lived in a large mansion and drove a limousine,
Or being the great politician on your TV screens.
I don't regret knowing enough about a lot of things,
Learning the things that interest me.
I don't regret my mother or my father too,
My brother, my sisters even my aunts too.
I don't regret loving my lovely wife,
Or being a father of three.
Most of all, I don't regret being me!

Posted: 2007-06-25 22:33:54