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Father's Lament

The children are playing up again,
And the wife is looking harassed,
I had to buy cheap meat,
Because the bills are still rolling in,
I haven't had a boys' night out for so long,
I'm starting to think it's a dream.
The boss is in a foul mood these days,
He's under pressure to make a bigger profit,
And his and my job are definitely on the line,
The two clerks are on sick leave,
And this report is due in tomorrow,
The phones haven't stopped all morning,
As creditors start to panic about their profits,
I'm starting to think it's a dream.
My friend's in the doghouse again,
He stayed out late moaning his lament,
Into some beautiful blonde lady's ear,
While his children at home asked "Where's daddy".
I've got to go to the bank for another overdraft,
Because the money well has gone dry,
And I still owe my life's wages,
On the mortgage for the house,
Oh, I'm starting to think it's a dream.
Summons through the door as the poll tax office,
Get fed up waiting for my payment,
The wife's gone hysterical as the kids' childminding,
Costs us more and more.
Good Lord, dreams can't be made like this,
Give us father's a break!

Posted: 2007-06-25 22:09:12