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Advice To A Young Bride

So now, my daughter, you've taken the step,
And now you have him all to yourself,
But let me give you some advice,
On how to keep him that way.
Be his mother, his daughter and girlfriend,
Pamper and spoil him when you can,
Be hard and scold if it demands
And need him when you need a friend.
Be his companion, his lover and admirer,
Even to the early morning light,
And love him like a devil,
When his needs demand.
Be his cook, his advisor and his promoter,
In whatever way you can,
And do give him surprises,
When his moral is on its way down.
Be his playgirl, his call-girl or wife,
As and when his desires arise,
And don't get caught in routine,

Posted: 2007-06-22 09:24:29