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Zambezi Valley Fever

When you first stand on a peak
Of this range of mountains
And look down on the shimmering valley
With the mighty Zambesi river glittering
In the glare of the unrelenting sun,
You will be bitten by a bug
And you will get the Zambezi Valley Fever.
When you go down into that valley,
And walk up to coolness of The River,
You and the river can watch
The wildlife come out to drink
As the sun goes of to sleep.
And if you stay there even for a minute,
You will catch Zambezi Valley Fever.
And when you leave this place,
And go far away as you can,
You'll want to come back again and again,
You'll want to stay and feel the fever
And you'll feel that you can't die
Because of the love you feel,
Your spirit will continue,
To wander the valley floor
And your spirit will carry the Fever.

Posted: 2007-07-01 13:15:09