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You haven't seen life until you have seen Africa,
The blazing sun setting over the cool blue lakes,
The raw passion of the bush and jungle,
The total freedom of God's wild and free animals.
No you haven't seen life.

You haven't lived until you have felt Africa,
The African sun beating down on your forehead,
The heat that drenches your body with cool sweat.
Hear the beat of the mysterious drums as the sun sets,
And the people return from their work in the fields.

You haven't lived until you have heard Africa,
Seen the poverty and simpleness of life in the wild,
Seen a people so humble, so believing and yet,
So proud and cheerful, so full of song and goodwill
That you definitely cannot find anywhere else.

You cannot fight social injustice unless Africa
Strums your heart strings and sets a tear to your eye,
A people so misunderstood, a hard working people,
So down trodden and take advantage of by misguided leaders.
No, you haven't lived life to the full unless you have lived Africa.

Posted: 2007-06-18 22:01:48