Benjamin Ellis Family Tree


Family History Timeline


Year Event
1642 Civil War Starts
1643 On 21st May Sir Thomas Fairfax takes Wakefield for the parliamentarians in the Civil War
1646 Civil War Ends
1754 It was only possible to marry in a Church of England parish church or chapel licensed for the purpose. Ministers were required to keep registers in a specified format.
1776 USA Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.
1787 Establishment of Clayton Hospital and Wakefield Dispensary 
1799 Start of the Napoleonic Wars
1801 First Regular Census (No Names) 
1804 Corn Law passed making bread more expensive
1815 End of the Napoleonic Wars at Waterloo on June 18, 1815
1821 Census 22,307 inhabitants in Wakefield (No Names) 
1831 Census 24,538 inhabitants in Wakefield (No names) 
1833 Factory Act passed to improve the working lot of children 
1834 In 1834, following the Poor Law Amendment Act of that year, the country was divided into a number of Poor Law Unions and established workhouses.
1837 Start of the Victorian Age, Queen Victoria comes to the throne.
On July 1, 1837, Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths are required by law 
1841 Census (Limited Info collected) 
1845 Famine in Ireland and the start of the exodus to the USA and England - Corn Law repealed
1848 Public Health Act to improve sanitation in town and cities
1850 Famine in Ireland ends with over 1m dead
1851 Census 
1852 District Boundaries in England & Wales Revised
1854 The Crimean War starts in March 1854 and ends early 1856
1856 End of Crimean War
1861 Census 
1866 From 1 January 1866 the age at death is given in the record
1866 On July 1, 1867, with passage of the British North America Act, the Dominion of Canada was officially established as a self-governing entity within the British Empire.
1870  Education Act passed
1871 Census 
1872  By this time Wakefield boasted 50 colliers and produced over 1 million tons of coal
1875 Penalties introduced for non registration of births, marriages and deaths
1877  Queen Victoria made Empress of India
1881 Census Year 
1887 Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee
1888 Wakefield becomes a city 
1891 Census Year 
1897  Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee
1899  Start of the Boer War

Census Year
In January, Queen Victoria dies bring an end to the Victorian Age


End of the Boer War

1911 Census Year
Since the September Qtr the mother's maiden name was included in the GRO Birth index
1912 From 1st Jan, both bride and groom's names are given in the GRO index
1914 World War I was declared on 4th August  
1918 World War I ended on the 11th Nov
Women over 30 allowed to vote in Dec elections
1921 Census Year 
1928 Everyone over 21 had a vote  
1931 Census Year - records destroyed during an air raid on London during WWII  
1935 The two districts of Eccleshall Bierlow and Sheffield merged as Sheffield
1939 World War II starts on 3rd Sept.
On September 5th, the National Registration Act received royal assent and Registrar General Sir Sylvanus Vivian announced that
National Registration Day would be September 29th.
 1941 No census due to the war  
1945 World War II in Europe ends on May 7th and in Asia on 14th August  
1946 District Boundaries in England & Wales Revised
1951 Census Year  
1959 From 1 April 1959 a date of birth is supplied on Death records