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Individual Confirmed Detail Missing Detail
Charlotte Fisher 1786

Elizabeth Dawson 1807
Born 1807 Alverthorpe, Wakefield, Yorks, England
Christened 02 MAY 1807 at All Saints, Wakefield, Yorkshire
Married John Ellis on 10 Oct 1830 at Saint John, Wakefield, Yorkshire
Lived at Salt Pie Alley, Westgate, Wakefield, Yorks, England in 1839 and at the census in 1841.
Census 1861, was living @ Sidebottoms Yard, Westgate, Wakefield
Can't find both in 1871 Census
Census 1881: Living @ Providence Street, Wakefield, York, England
Christening: IGI P018302 
Marriage : GRO 9c/80
Census 1841
Census 1861: RG09/3424/15/23
Census 1881: RG11/4576/128/46
Census 1871

William Hardy 1821
Married Mary Harriet Ellis in 3rd Qtr 1883 Wakefield, Yorkshire, England
Died 4th Qtr 1888 aged 60 Wakefield, Yorkshire, England
Marriage: GRO 9c/52
Death: GRO 9c/40

Mary Ann Ibbotson 1837
Born 22 JUN 1832 and baptised  07 AUG 1832 Wakefield, Yorkshire, England
Marriage to William Dawson Ellis recorded 4th Qtr 1854
Census 1861 : Living @ Hatfield Street, Wakefield
Census 1871 : Living @ Hatfield Street, Wakefield
Not found in 1881 Census
Baptism:  IGI Batch 7432523
Marriage: GRO 9c/75
Census 1861: RG09/3422/42/12
Census 1871:  RG10/4623/43/16
Census 1841
Census 1851 

Harriot Beaumont 1839
Born 1839 in Roystone, Yorkshire, England
Christened on 26/01/1840 Roystone, Yorkshire
Married Benjamin Ellis on 1870 in Sheffield, Yorks, England.
Census 1891 - Living at 109, West Street, Sheffield
Lived at 26 Chippinghouse Rd, Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorkshire, England in 1901
Died 2nd Qtr 1902 aged 62 in Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorkshire, England
Marriage: GRO 9c/569
Census 1841
Census 1851
Census 1881
Census 1891: RG12/3815/97/11
Census 1901: RG13/4355/99/18
Death:  GRO 9c/240
Census 1871

Annie Dodwell 1876
Born 1876 in Sheffield, England
Married Sydney Ellis in 3rd Qtr 1897 in Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorkshire, England
Lived at 7 Earsham St, Brightside Bierlow in 1901 - In the Census living with 'Sarah A Dodwell' who was only 3 months old and described as a niece
Census 1911 : living at 46 Manor Lane, Sheffield (NO CHILDREN RECORDED)
Died 1st Qtr 1923 aged 47 Ecclesall Bierlow, Sheffield, England
Marriage: GRO 9c/485
Census 1901: RG13/4379/72/31
Census 1911 : RG14PN27904
Death: GRO  9c/417
Census 1881
Census 1891

Alice Armitage 1877
Born 17th Feb 1877 in Sheffield, England
Baptism: 07th Mar 1877, St. Phillip's Church, Sheffield
Married Harry Beaumont Ellis on 11th Oct 1896 in Ecclesall Bierlow, Sheffield, England (St Silas Church, Sheffield??)
Lived at 77 Brightmore St, Sheffield in 1901
Lived at 52 Evelyn Road in 1915
Burial: 15 Apr 1948, Crookes Cemetery, Sheffield
Marriage:  GRO 9c/619
Census 1881
Census 1901: RG13/4367/82/13 
Census 1891
Census 1911

Emily Mary Harrison 1875
Married John W Ellis in 1st Qtr 1906 in Ecclesall Bierlow
Census 1911: Living at 50 Thorp Rd, Sheffield
Marriage: 1906 GRO 9c/456
Census 1911: RG14PN27821
Census 1911

Mary Ann Elizabeth Bailiff 1849
Born 2nd Qtr 1849 in Leeds
Married John Fisher Ellis Q3 1867 in Wakefield, Yorkshire England
Not Record found in 1871 Census including 1st born son Fred - John Fisher was boarding in Barnsley
Census 1881: Lived at 154 Wallace Rd, Brightside Bierlow, York, England in 1881
No records after this - Census 1891, 1901 and 1911
Birth: GRO 23/474
Marriage : GRO 9c/80
Census 1881: RG11/4658/114/18
Census 1871

Eliza Thompson 1854
Born 2nd Qtr 1854 in Wakefield, York, England
Married 1st Qtr 1879  to Thomas Ellis in Wakefield, York, England
Census 1881: Living at Providence St, Wakefield, York, England
Census 1891: Living at 25, Saville Street, Wakefield
Census 1911: Living at 2 Dickinson St, Wakefield, York, England
Birth: GRO 9c/50
Marriage: GRO 9c/79
Census 1881: RG11/4576/91/21
Census 1891: RG12/3748/82/12
Census 1911: RG14PN27380

Emma Samways ~1870
Born 2nd Qtr 1869 -  Beaminster, Dorset
Married Benjamin Ellis - 1st Qtr 1892 - Portsea Island, Hampshire
Census 1911: Husband was an Inn Keeper @ Crown Inn, Oxbridge, Melplash, Dorset
Birth: GRO 5a/376
Marriage: GRO 2b/665
Census 1911: RG14PN12465

Emily Moss 1878
Born 1st Qtr 1878, Wakefield, York, England
Married Harry Thompson Ellis -  2nd Qtr 1903 - Wakefield, York, England
Census 1911: Living @ 19 Saville Street, Wakefield
Birth: GRO 9c/79
Marriage:  GRO 9c/148
Census 1911: RG14PN27379

William Edwin Edge 1898
Born 1st Qtr 1898 in Basford, Nottinghamshire, England
Married Alice Ellis 2nd Qtr 1939 in Worsop, Nottinghamshire, England
Birth : GRO 7b/286
Marriage : GRO 7b/77
Census 1911

Horace Haynes 1901
Born 1st Qtr 1901 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, Eng
Married Alice Ellis 4th Qtr 1920 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, Eng
Birth : GRO 9c/735
Marriage : GRO 9c/1125
Census 1911

Arthur Stocks 1902
Born 17th March 1902 Crookes, Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorkshire, Eng
Married Lily Ellis on 05 Sep 1931 in Crookes Baptist Church, Sheffield
Birth : GRO 9c/379
Marriage: GRO 9c/1093
Census 1911

Nellie Elizabeth Oxley 1904
Born 2nd Qtr 1904 Wortley, Yorkshire, England
Married Arnold Ellis 2nd Qtr 1924 - Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorkshire, England
Lived at 13 Underwood Road Sheffield, Yorkshire in August 1931
Birth : GRO  9c/350
Marriage: GRO  9c/997
Census 1911

Miriam Sarah Jane Daft 1904
Born 3rd Qtr 1912 in Horncastle, Lincolnshire, England - Mother's maiden name Wilkinson
Married Arnold Ellis 3rd July 1937 in St. Barnabus Church, Highfields, Sheffield aged 24 - Living at 48 Highfield Place,Sheffield.
Birth : GRO 7a/981
Marriage: GRO  9c/1345
Census 1911

Florence Annie Wrightson 1905
Born 13 Apr 1905 in Sheffield;
Emigration: Jun 1929, Edmonton, Canada
Married George Ellis 05 Jul 1929 in Edmonton, Canada;
Died 01 Aug 1981 in North Vancouver, Canada.
Census 1911

William Henry Kerkhoff 1908
Born 2nd Qtr 1908 Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorkshire, England
Married Vera Maud Ellis (4th Qtr 1931) 03 Oct 1931 in Sheffield Registry Office Yorkshire, England
Birth : GRO 9c/527
Marriage : GRO 9c/1041
Census 1911

Marjorie Ding 1910?
Born 13 May 1913 in Chesterton, Cambridgeshire, England
Married Benjamin Ellis in the 1st Qtr 1935 in Camberwell (London).
Living in Knapwell, Cambridgeshire in 1942 when Benjamin was killed in the WWII
Died Feb 1988 in Worksop, Notts.
Marriage: GRO 1d/917 Birth

Margaret M Brown 1913
Born 3rd Qtr 1913 in Keighley, Yorkshire, England
Married  Alfred Ellis 1st Qtr 1957 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Birth : GRO 9a/285
Marriage : GRO 2d/478

Gladys Cutts 1915
Born 2nd Qtr 1915 Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorkshire, England
Married Alfred Ellis 28th Dec 1935 - Registry Office, Sheffield, 
Yorkshire, England aged 20 and living at 44 Stewart Road Sheffield
Birth : GRO 9c/892
Marriage : GRO 9c/1371

William Rowell Hall 1916
Born 2nd Qtr 1916 in Easington, Durham, England
Married Barbara Ellis  31 Jul 1939 in St.Timothy's Church, Crookes,  Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Birth : GRO 10a/941
Marriage : GRO 9c/1141

Dora Middleman 1919
Born 04/03/1919, Manchester, England
Married Clifford Ellis on 06/09/1939 in Manchester, England
Died 1980 in Australia
Marriage: GRO 8d/1159 Birth

Nora Schofield 1922
Born 11 Feb 1922 in Bramley, Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Married James Arthur Ellis  2nd Qtr 1945 in Upper Agbrigg, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England
Died Oct 2004 in Huddersfield.
Birth : GRO 9b/432
Marriage : GRO 9a/1058