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Stocktake Time Again - Big Changes on the Horizon

June 3rd, 2010

In exactly one month’s time, I will change my status once again from employed to self employed. Since it has been a long time since I have took stock of where I am, now would seem to be an appropriate time to do so.

Note, I said self employed as opposed to unemployed even though it is hard to claim self employment with the current income outside my salary in the 10s as opposed to in the 1000s. This employment status change, and the other change charging towards me stemming from it, comes with some heavy emotional baggage and I will not be telling the truth if I were not to admit that I am somewhat apprehensive, maybe a bit more like frightened. After all, the recent change of UK Government does not bode well for the under and unemployed. When you make a commitment to change, a chain reaction is set in motion. This may be the reason that many people find change scary.

Having said that, the anticipation of being able to pursue projects that have been on the back burner for some time now and the thrill of having the time to do so has my mind working overtime. There is one thing that the unemployed and under employed are rich in, time. I plan to make full use of my time to create an exciting new phase of my life. Will to be successful? Who knows? I have I track record so far, after all, I’m still here am I not?

I do not forget that I can be thankful that I have this opportunity. I truly appreciate the fact that many people, many, many people do not ever get the opportunity to try to achieve their plans and schemes. I try to find the time early in the morning to contemplate both this fact and other things and to feel at one with the universe for a while. This spiritual time has fallen victim to the racing mind lately though.

Physically, I have not been too brilliant. Still too much drink, too much nasty fatty foods and too little exercise. I know I need to do something to be healthier but currently I am not stressing too much about it. Too much excitement and the knowledge that in just under a month, I will be able to set aside time for exercise. Then I’ll have to work on the drink and food. Like I said though I am not stressing too much which oddly enough has reduced the odd aches and pains that seem to plague me a few weeks ago.

Overall, I feel good and so I will enjoy for now.

May you find the balance.

[First published on my Talking2Myself blog on specified date]