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Sexy Brazilian Males Need Help!

April 3rd, 2010

I hope I am not the victim of an April Fool’s joke but I heard that Brazil is the third largest consumer of Viagra. Now, I went to Brazil this year and let me say that Brazil, particularly Rio, has the highest number of sexy women (any colour, shape and size) per square meter on the planet. I do not see any reason why one would require some chemical help.

I suppose this is bad news for you gringo women who have convinced yourselves of the ‘sexy’ lusty Latino male for this is sure proof that it is but a fallacy. It is the duty of every red blooded male to get themselves down to Brazil and help our Brazilian brothers out ;)

Seriously though, I learnt this amazing news because the Brazilian Government and Pfizer Inc, the pharmaceutical giant company are arguing about when the Brazilian patent runs out. Read more @ Brazil’s High Court Postpones Ruling on Pfizer’s Viagra Patent - Bloomberg.com.

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