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Zimbabwe's Rock Bottom?

February 23rd, 2009

"Since my last report he has reached rock bottom, and has started to dig" or in other words, an old saying involving a frying pan and fire. I just got forwarded this old email chain letter about 'army insults' and guess what came to mind? Zimbabwe.

Think, the government of national unity? Look north to Kenya. Survival of MDC? Think about all Nkomo and ZAPU. Do you really think that ZANU-PF are going to give up MDC power? Roy Bennett is already feeling the 'power' of the MDC. Hot shot lawyer Mr Biti, new Minister of Finance, with his bowler hat and big house is really is going to save him? In Zimbabwe? I don't think so.

Sorry folks I am not convinced and I don't care what the 'international community' think - they weren't much help in the past anyway. Some deal was done and my instinct - not much thought about the poor people of Zimbabwe. I so hope I am proved wrong.

[First published on my NotTheNews blog on specified date]