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Dreams coming true

December 20th, 2007

Well a few days after my renewed postings, I received a christmas card from my older brother. That probably sounds like we are not in touch often which is true but a quick explanation is in order.He is actually my father's son from a previous marriage, a half brother in other words. I hate the term myself anyway as growing up in Africa he is my brother and that's it, period. I hate it as much as the term half caste used for mixed race people. But I digress.

My older brother and I, or more accurately my younger brother and I lost touch with the eldest and only reunited some three years ago after some 23 years out of touch. We have remained in touch ever since then but not as often as we should but at Christmas time a card usually generates a period of contact.

Maybe our inconsistent contact is made worse by the fact that he is in the USA or so I thought. This year's card informs us that he is actually working in Africa and his wife plans to join him in the new year! Well blow me sideways, but three of Africa's children from the same family, for my younger brother has decided to do the same, have decided to return.If that is happening all over the world, the brain drain that has held Africa back may be over!!! That is not to say the three of us will save Africa but the fact that Africa has again become an option is encouraging. That bodes well for the future.

For those of you have not experienced the real Africa, not the tourist experience, I suggest you try it, for Africa accepts new children gracefully and you may find it good for your soul as many before you have done.

[First published on my Talking2Myself blog on specified date]